RMS EDI Features

Product Features

  • Allows you to print purchase orders in multiple formats, Including by store, by DC or by item style.
  • Generates the formats for advance ship notices, invoices, and backorders.
  • Verifies there are no missing transactions.
  • Software updates are automatic when receiving your EDI information.
  • Has the ability to generate an EDI invoice and ship notice without having received a purchase order via EDI.
  • Automatically saves all information.
  • Maintains an archive file.
  • Monitors age of PO and invoice information to delete old data.
  • Has catalog capabilities that allow you to list all your items by style, UPC, size, color, etc., and will add this information to the printed PO if the retailer only sends a UPC number.
  • Prints UPC information and bar coding for ticketing or UCC labels. (BarTender or RMS Reporter software required.)
  • Automatically assigns UPC codes as needed.
  • Can send a UPC catalog to GXS, Inovis, Intertrade or any retailer.

Special RMS Features

  • Automatically consolidates invoices for retailers like Dillard’s
  • Generates the ship to id’s based on the store for retailers like Macy’s that do not send the DC ID.
  • Generate address information from the order for many dot com retailers
  • Single shipping label that combines carrier tracking and the ucc-128 label for retailer BBB
  • RMS will notify as many user email addresses as requested for new EDI data eliminating the need to connect everyday.
  • Seven Invoice and ship notice validation checks to help avoid charge backs for invalid data.


  • RMS Transmits, Converts, translates data versus only transmitting data.
  • Maintains all EDI mapping code changes.
  • UCC-128 Label retailer formats provided to user FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Over 1500 UCC-128 label formats designed.
  • Monitors and translates the 997 Functional Acknowledgements.
  • Researches missing 997’s or rejected 997’s.