RMS EDI Cost Overview

One time SET UP FEE




This set-up fee includes the RMS On-Line EDI Software, all license agreements
and all retailer set ups.

Monthly Payment

$52.00 per month per retailer ID, unlimited usage. This will cover all documents, including Purchase Orders (850), Invoicing (810), and Advance Ship Notices (856), along with all other documents listed on the documents page. A minimal testing fee may be applied as needed based on the retailer requirements
* No Character charge * No Connection Charge

*Billing: Monthly statements are processed during the first week of the month and are for charges incurred in the prior calendar month.
*Any Inovis or GE charges for UPC catalog service is an additional monthly charge paid directly to Inovis or GE.
*Prime or peak time available at additional cost.
Take a look at this list of retailers available on the RMS system


Our EDI system is built on state of the art software and  award winning components.

√   Nsoftware –  A leading provider of internet and EDI communication software.  Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and many government organizations

√   Elevate Software. DBISAM – A small but leading developer of SQL database components for Delphi

√   DM ReportBulder – The choice for object drop in reporting components that allow for complex reports and labels