RMS EDI Overview

For some retailers it has become a prerequisite that suppliers receive PO’s and return invoices / advance ship notices with UCC 128 information via EDI. If you are in the process of determining how to meet these requirements with a minimum investment of time and money, RMS On-Line is the answer. 

RMS On-Line has been serving its clients since 1989 and can be found on most retailers’ approved EDI resource lists, such as JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond and Neimans. We’ve heard many legitimate reasons why companies have been waiting to implement an EDI system. Some say they want to make sure the business relationship with the retailer has a promising future. Others want time to explore all the hardware, software and network options. Some are just postponing the adjustment in staff and operations that is normally required to handle EDI transactions. RMS makes this decision easy with.