About RMS

A 3rd Party EDI Provider – Practical Answers and Reliable Solutions

RMS On-Line has been serving it’s clients since 1989 and can be found on many retailers’ approved EDI resource lists, such as JC Penney, Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond and Neimans to name a few. The RMS staff has many years of varied backgrounds in EDI, retail buying management and accounting that allow us to provide a unique support prospective centered on the complete EDI process that few companies can provide.

The RMS EDI software is a complete EDI system that can work independent of accounting packages while also providing free utilities that would allow users to export/import data to and from most accounting systems.   In addition, should you want to research the capabilities of an integrated system, our relationship with  accounting  software  providers  such  as ApparelMagic and Perfect Fit allow users to extend EDI into a completely integrated easy to use EDI accounting system.

Why implement an EDI system with RMS?

In the constantly changing EDI industry, RMS prevails by reacting and implementing new documents upon retailer needs.  To ensure the users ease of transition with the new EDI documents, the RMS software uses the same screens for multiple documents and in a very timely manner.

• Quick setup – 24 hour turnaround
• RMS works with the retailer on behalf of vendor for setup
• RMS provides UCC128 label format free of charge
• RMS can help integrate with your accounting software
• Networked version – unlimited users
• Free sales rep setup – receives all orders free
• Remote support for ease of customer service
• Email notifications of new data
• Group invoicing – 100’s of ASN’s/invoices populated instantly
• RMS setup now available in the Cloud


Our EDI system is built on state of the art software and  award winning components.

√   Nsoftware –  A leading provider of internet and EDI communication software.  Their clients include Fortune 500 companies and many government organizations

√   Elevate Software. DBISAM – A small but leading developer of SQL database components for Delphi

√   DM ReportBulder – The choice for object drop in reporting components that allow for complex reports and labels